3D Printed Intricate Core

3D Printed Water Jacket

CNC Machined 3D Printed Sand Core

Pump Housing Green Sand Mold

3D Printed Sand Core in Green Sand Mold

3D Printed Mold with Cores adn Insulated Risers

3D Printed Molds & Cores

3D Mold Prototyping & Manufacturing Services

3D printed molds and cords allow OEMs and engineers to create complex aluminum castings without the need for hard tooling. Pentz Cast Solutions utilizes customer designed CAD Files, reverse engineering, laser scanning and additional capabilities to create mission critical components to meet virtually any industry demand. We work closely with customers to create ITAR-registered prototypes for short run or high production automated molded products. We can even create large castings for engines out of aluminum and additional materials without the need for hard tooling. Our expert engineers can create 3D printed molds and cores, rapid tooling and green sand molding in a few hours to help you get a product to market fast.

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3D Printing Mold Process

Our skilled engineers begin by using CAD and customer collaboration or reverse engineering to scan the existing component. Once you approve the geometry in CAD, we CAD model the molds and cores. Shrink, machine stock and casting rigging are added, and 4D print molds and cores are printed together simultaneously. We then disassemble the mold package and assemble the mold sections and cores. The certified aluminum alloy is poured, creating your casting.

Advantages of Pentz’s 3D Printing Mold Process

Our engineering experts collaborate closely with customers to make casting adjustments to improve casting engineering design. We add the casting shrink, machine stock and rigging to build great castings to fit customer needs fast. This allows customers to concentrate on product development as Pentz takes care of the casting side of things. The Pentz team is there to aid customers in all phases, from concept to product realization in effective efficient aluminum castings. This is the process for prototype, short run or high production automated molded products. We help customers bridge the gap between proto processes and production needs as requirements develop over time. By taking a component from prototyping to design, we are able to inspect components for quality at multiple stages.

  • We can create small castings, large castings, prototypes, 3D printed molds, and additional components from most machinable materials. Additional benefits of the 3D printing process include:

    • Accurate, Proven Prototypes
    • Flexible, Fast Design Changes
    • Low Risk
    • Reduced Costs
    • Quick Turnaround Times 
    • Zero Draft & Negative Draft Angles Possible

3D Printed Mold Case Studies

Our unique machining capabilities allow us to create components for most automotives, including vintage cars, electronic vehicles, motorcycles, engine components and transportation parts in high volumes. We used 3D Printing to create molds and cores to restore or fix the following components:

3D Printing Value Added Services

Once we disassemble the mold package, we finish and coat mold and cores for an improved casting surface. We shake out, de-gate and sand finish or grind the casting for improved component quality. Additional Value Added Services include but are not limited to:

  • Quality Inspection
  • Heat Treatment As Required
  • CNC Machine Casting As Required
  • Specialty Blasting / Texturing

Specialty Coatings

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Our engineers have experience creating mission-critical components for virtually any industry, and we thrive on challenging projects and love to explore innovative cast solutions in collaboration with our customers to push beyond boundaries.

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