3D Printed Molds & Cores

We build 3D printed molds and cores, from CAD engineering models or reverse engineer with laser scanning, to build complex real aluminum castings without the need for hard tooling.

We engineer the CAD tooling package with rigging for building molds and cores to build highly, complex intricate castings. Even large castings to build engines can be made without the need for hard tooling saving time and cost.  

Advantages of 3D printed molds and cores for real castings for prototype or low production castings.

  • Proof of concept for testing and trials with evolving designs before committing to hard tooling.
  • Flexible, quick design changes / improvements before hard tooling is created.
  • Low risk without hard tooling costs
  • Quick turnaround cast parts. 
  • Castings with complex flexible geometry allows zero draft and negative draft angles.


The 3D printed mold / core phases / process

  • Engineer casting in CAD with customer collaboration or reverse engineer scan existing part
  • Customer approves the part geometry in CAD.
  • We CAD model the molds & cores, we add shrink, machine stock and casting rigging (in gates, runners, risers, chills).
  • 3D print molds and cores, molds and cores are printed together simultaneously.
  • Disassemble mold package, finish and coat mold and cores for improved casting surface.
  • Assemble mold sections and cores.
  • Pour certified aluminum alloy creating the casting.
  • Shake out the casting.
  • De-gate the casting.
  • Finish sand / grind the casting.
  • Inspect
  • Heat treat as required
  • CNC machine casting as required.


We use customer designed CAD files or reverse engineer castings with digital scanning processes to create CAD data. Our engineering experts collaborate closely with customers to make casting adjustments to improve casting engineering design. We add the casting shrink, machine stock and rigging to build great castings to fit customer needs fast. This allows customers to concentrate on product development as Pentz takes care of the casting side of things. Pentz TEAM is there to aid customers in all phases from concept to product realization in effective efficient aluminum castings be it prototype, short run or high production automated molded products. Pentz helps customers bridge the gap between proto processes and production needs as requirements develop over time.