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About Pentz Cast Solutions

Since 1972, Larry Pentz and his team have been driven by the desire to pursue each customer’s challenging casting requirements, developing innovative solutions while collaborating with customers in order to provide advanced CAD CAM tooling designs, exceptional foundry quality, and expertise CNC machining and assembly.

At Pentz Cast Solutions, our expert team of engineers and manufacturers utilize cutting-edge technology in engineering, tooling, casting, and CNC to take your casting from prototype thru tooling to automated casting production, CNC machining and manufacturing. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional quality precision aluminum sand and PM castings and manufacturing for many applications for great customers around the world.

Whether it is casting development for new projects, re-engineered existing parts, casting conversions from CNC machined hog outs, sheet metal, extrusions or weldments to new custom cast aluminum parts, we are confident that we have a solution to meet your needs.

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Pentz Cast Solutions Custom Castings

Our scalable manufacturing capabilities allow us to manufacture low-production and high-production castings from a variety of materials. We have an extensive portfolio of castings and casting products including but not limited to:

  • Large Castings
  • Small Castings
  • Heavy Section to Thin-Walled Castings
  • Highly Detailed Castings
  • Prototypes
  • Inserts
  • 3D Printed Molds & Cores

Pentz’ Precision Casting Capabilities

We pride ourselves on our ability to implement new technologies and build complex castings with intricate coring that cannot be built by our competitors. We can create ”as cast” surfaces of 150rms and thin-walled parts down to .150” thick with a crisp cast in detail. By utilizing casting inserts, 3D printed molds & cores, a comprehensive alloy selection and highly processed clean alloys, we can create extraordinary casting results that push the limits of what we do.

Advanced Casting Capabilities

Our cutting-edge technology in engineering, tooling, casting, and CNC gives us unique capabilities to take your casting from prototype through tooling, automated casting production, CNC machining and complete manufacturing. Please visit our separate capabilities pages below to learn more about our advanced casting capabilities, value-added services and our commitment to quality.


Pentz can help you transform your design into high-quality casting at the lowest possible cost. Our engineers collect the data to create 3D CAD models of part geometry along with drawings and documentation. Upon customer approval of 3D models and drawings our engineers design casting tooling in CAD.

Our expert engineers collaborate with customers on projects to simplify the complex casting developmental process while implementing new creative approaches to building your castings. We can produce low to high volume castings from several difficult-to-machine materials, including brass, bronze, and iron production castings as well as aluminum. Pentz Cast Solutions sales engineers are available to review your project for both prototype casting and the high production manufacturing of aluminum cast parts.  

Pentz Cast Solutions Applications

Our team of expert engineers has helped many great customers with complex and challenging requirements to tackle difficult projects to achieve their casting goals. Some of our frequent industry applications include:

Pentz Team

Why Choose Pentz Cast Solutions?

Pentz Cast Solutions has been a trusted leader in casting innovation solutions since 1972. Our expert prototyping team has experience working with OEMs to create complex and mission-critical components to meet the most stringent application requirements. Pentz will be able to guide you thru all phases of casting development, prototype castings, low production, high production, CNC machining and completed manufacturing operations. We can meet customer needs from one part to millions of units, and our ITAR and AS-9100 registration. Our team takes several important factors into consideration prior to creating a casting for your needs, including but not limited to:

  • Quality
  • Lead Time Constraints
  • Economics/Costs
  • Functional Requirements for Design
  • Industry and Government Standards

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