Automated Precision Green Sand Molding

Automated precision green sand molding system run by skilled technicians build molds using quick change, custom built. aluminum CNC machined casting tooling. Exceptional “as cast” finishes of .150 rms are achieved with intricate detail complex geometry and cored interior cavities. Extraordinary near net shape with details cast in greatly reduces machining time and finishing production costs. Our years of experience, knowledge and testing along with programable controlled green sand systems achieve these outstanding results. Green molding sand is chemical free, recirculated, and reused every few hours which makes for great efficiency and perfect ecological sense. Our precision Sinto Automated Mold System can build a precision 600, pound sand mold every 60 seconds to build your castings very efficiently.

The term “green sand”  refers to the fact that temper water is used to activate the clay in the sand to bind the sand in the mold just long enough to build a mold and pour aluminum to build a casting with superior finish. Green sand is recirculated and is used thousands of times, so it is very ecologically sound and very efficient.