Automated mold line

Automated molded line

Automated Precision Green Sand Molding

Green sand molding is a low-cost and effective method for creating customized castings and cast metal products with superior finishes. Pentz Cast Solutions’ skilled technicians utilize automated precision green sand molding technologies to create custom-built castings with tight tolerances, complex geometries and cored interior cavities based on your application requirements. Our aluminum CNC machined casting tooling can produce exceptional “as cast” finishes of .150 rm. We are an ITAR-Registered company with experience creating prototypes and repeatable aluminum castings to form mission-critical components for most industries. We also offer a full selection of casting treating and aftermarket services from light assembly to Kanban to NDT Real Time X-Ray to save you time during your molding production process.

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Green Sand Molding Process

The term “green sand” refers to the fact that temper water is used to activate the clay in the sand. This process binds the sand mixture in the mold just long enough to build a mold. Aluminum alloy of your choice is then poured in the mold to create a casting. The green sand texture gives the casting a finish that is superior to traditional molds.

Pentz Cast Solution engineers will guide you through each phase of your project in alignment with our job flow diagram. During the early casting development process, we explore the advantages of different engineering approaches based on customer input. We then utilize our CAD engineering, 3D printing capabilities, CNC machining and rapid tooling to create fully functioning castings for project testing. The approved tooling is built out.

Automated Green Sand Casting Applications

We have experience providing green sand castings for a variety of applications, and are always excited to work with new industries to create prototypes for low to high-volume production. Some industries we’ve worked with in the past include but are not limited to:

Benefits of Green Sand Molding

Green sand molding creates superior finishes and can be automated for improved accuracy. Our innovative sand casting equipment can turn tight tolerances and offers high repeatability to save time compared to standard manufacturing processes. “As cast” .150 rms finishes can be achieved on even large-sized castings. Extraordinary near net shape with details cast in greatly reduces machining time and finishing production costs. Green molding sand is chemical free, recirculated, and reused every few hours which makes for great efficiency and perfect ecological sense.

Why Choose Pentz For Custom Green Sand Molding?

We utilize years of experience, knowledge and testing along with programable controlled green sand systems to achieve outstanding castings that can’t be matched by our competitors. We have experience filling single item orders or mass production green sand castings under tight turnaround times. Our precision Sinto Automated Mold System can build a precision 600, pound sand mold every 60 seconds to build your castings very efficiently. Our machines also include Osborn 3161 and Osborn 3191 Molding Machines.

Our Dual Path and Triple path processes allow us to hog out aluminum prototypes and casting simultaneously for high-volume, low-cost production. This enables us to take your initial design to manufacturing more quickly than traditional casting methods.

Lastly, we use Laser Scanning or CT X-ray Scanning for flaws in the final stages of casting productions. We also offer treatment capabilities and value-added services for improved casting quality.

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