Casting Manufacturing & CNC Machining Capabilities

Casting manufacturing involves forming components by filling a mold with liquid aluminum, steel and additional materials for prototypes and high-volume production. Pentz Cast Solutions’ cutting-edge engineering, tooling, casting, and CNC technologies give us the unique capabilities to take your casting from prototype through tooling, automated casting production, CNC machining and complete manufacturing. Our engineering experts collaborate with customers to first determine if your part is a good casting candidate. We then identify the best casting process, create a new optimized design or reverse engineer with laser scanning to create exceptional casting results to meet or exceed customer expectations.


Our in-house Engineering, CAD, Prototype Castings Tooling, Production Tooling, Production castings, CNC machining and Finishing processes ensure quick turnaround times and higher quality parts than our competitors.

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Innovation Engineering

Our experts work directly with you to create a collaborative, simplified casting development process while producing custom cast solutions based on your requirements and specifications. We utilize our full engineering capabilities—including our CAD, prototyping, production casting tooling, and production CNC machining processes—to transform your design into the highest quality casting at the lowest possible price.


We are able to build real castings real fast by leveraging our in-house, start-to-finish casting development and prototyping capabilities. Our experts can produce 3d printed molds and cores, rapid tooling, and green sand molding prototypes in just a few hours, so you can get your new product to market fast!

Precision Molding

Our highly skilled artisans and skilled technicians can build precision green sand molds based on your exact specifications. By utilizing programmable controls and recirculating our sand every few hours, we can create the absolute best as cast finishes in the industry with a .150 RMS finish.

Aluminum Alloy & Heat Treat

Pentz’ Aluminum alloy metals are rotary degassed and flux injected, and all alloys are analyzed by our in-house Spectro chemical analysis for ensured performance and quality. We will collaborate directly with you to determine which alloy selection and heat treatments are best suited for your project needs.

CNC Machining

Because we take a component from CAD to tooling to CNC machining, we are familiar with each casting before it reaches our CNC machine shop. Secure quick turnaround on prototyped and high production parts with our 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis CNC machining capabilities.

Casting Tooling

Pentz engineers coordinate directly with our customers to create innovative precision sand casting tooling and permanent mold tooling in CAD. We utilize customer / Pentz-approved CAD engineering parts to build precision CNC machined sand casting tooling and hybrid tooling solutions for complex parts.

Value Added

We offer an extensive selection of value added services to complement our casting capabilities, including coatings, chemical treatments, etching services, anodizing and more.


Our ITAR-Registered casting design, engineering and production processes are held to the highest industry standards. Learn more about our quality assurance and inspection processes, including our pending A-91000 registration.


Why Choose Pentz Cast Solutions?

Pentz Cast Solutions has been a trusted leader in casting innovation solutions since 1972. Our expert prototyping team has experience working with OEMs to create complex and mission-critical components to meet the most stringent application requirements. Our team takes several important factors into consideration prior to creating a casting for your needs, including but not limited to:

  • Quality
  • Lead Time Constraints
  • Economics/Costs
  • Functional Requirements for Design
  • Industry and Government Standards

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