Cast in Diecasting with Steel Insert

The Challenge:

Starting with an existing customer part that is a diecasting with a steel insert, steel arm and plastic assembly that was not performing as needed. How to utilize the existing diecasting and incorporate it into a sand casting to discard the steel arm and plastic foot?

The Solution:

Reengineer the existing Diecasting assembly and incorporate it into an automated molded sand cast aluminum casting. Engineer part and tooling design in CAD, CNC machine aluminum precision automated green sandcasting tooling. Trim off portions of existing customer supplied diecasting, apply proprietary coating to diecasting to prevent melting and use like a core in sand mold. Pour casting around diecasting including the previously cast in steel insert. Finish casting and apply paint.

The Results:

Finished product combines the required attributes of an existing diecasting with a cast in steel insert into an automated green sand casting for a highly functional, durable Caterpiller heavy equipment accelerator pedal.