Core Making Process

Casting complex geometry and design flexibility are greatly enhanced with the use of cores in building castings. Pentz has many ways to build cores for molding in negative spaces and complex geometry in castings which creates cast aluminum parts with geometry that cannot be accomplished in any other process than casting with a core. Pentz collaborates with customers to use the best core making process selection for your castings for prototype or high production castings.

Stock Shell Cores

With no tooling required, built round in sizes from .18’ to 5.0 “ in dimeter cut to length for castings is very low cost and can be built quickly.

Custom Shell Cores

Intricate high production low production, custom cores require aluminum tooling to build cores and have unlimited shelf life. Pentz uses automated shell core machines to build custom shell cores.

Dry Sand Cores

Custom cores require custom tooling for customer casting projects.

3D Printed Cores

Can make castings with high complexity geometry without limitations and no draft. This method can be used to make even just one casting or any quantity no tooling required. Pentz collaborates with customers and simply creates a 3D model file with all needed rigging and shrink allowance added to produce custom casting without any tooling.