Core Process Selection

Our innovative core making techniques build castings with intricate coring to accomplish almost any geometry you can engineer or design.

  • 3D Printed Core, no tooling required, just a 3D CAD Model.
  • Automated Shell Core, custom tooling CNC machined aluminum or iron
  • Semi-automatic Shell Core, custom tooling CNC machined aluminum or iron
  • Stock Shell Cores, round .187” to 7.0” dia., no tooling required.
  • Dry Sand - No Bake Core, custom tooling Metal, plastic or wood medium.
  • CO2 set Core / Dry Sand, custom tooling Metal, plastic or wood medium.
  • Automated SO2 Process, custom tooling CNC machined Alum. Plastic high Production
  • Process Comparisons

Consult the Aluminum Casting: Core Comparisons Chart (PDF) to compare the uses, finish, dimensional stability, accuracy and production capabilities of each process.

Our casting engineers will help you select the best core process for your job. Contact us so we can assist you to move your project forward.

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