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Case Studies: Military

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Key Design Parameters

  • Application: Torpedo Housing Assembly
  • Weight: (Apx) 100-200 lbs.
  • NDT Requirements: Per ASTM
    E155 and ASTM B26 standards
  • Critical Dimension Tolerances: .002”
  • Tooling Lead Time: 4 Weeks

Project Highlights

This seven piece assembly was produced using advanced casting techniques developed at Pentz. Tooling was designed directly from CAD files and CNC machined to an accuracy the allowed the cylindrical sections of the torpedo to be "as cast” instead of being “hogged out” (machined) from a solid billet.

The completed castings met rigorous performance test and NDT inspection requirements.

The result was the US Navy was able to cut costs, improve quality and shorten lead time on production.





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