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Case Studies: Exercise Equipment

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Key Design Parameters

  • Application: Left and right arm assemblies for commercial grade exercise machine.   
  • Over all dimensions: 42”
  • Weight: 12lbs
  • Number of component pieces: 4
    • (1) Steel Pin
    • (2) Upper arm casting (with steel pin)
    • (3) Extrusion
    • (4) Lower arm casting
exercise equipment

Project Highlights

The customer was facing a potential line shut down because of tooling issues with another supplier. Pentz evaluated the tooling with the customer and determined the best solution was to produce new tooling. We were in production with the new tooling in less than two weeks, thereby helping the customer avert a costly line shut down.

The casting were made on our state of the art automated sand casting system. The system produces superior quality sand castings at a lower cost because of a significant reduction in labor.  

The final assembly of arm was made by welding lower arm and upper arm casting onto an extruded aluminum bracket. A steel pin was insert molded directly into the upper arm casting during the casting process.  The major benefit of using this assembly method was four parts could be combined into one, resulting in lower part cost, reduced part weight and  significantly stronger and more reliable assembly.

exercise equipment

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