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Case Studies: IC Fabrication (Hog Out Conversion)

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Key Design Parameters

  • Application: Precision Motor Mount component for IC Fabrication Equipment
  • Clean room compatible
  • Part Weight: 16 Lbs
  • Critical Machined Tolerances: .001”
  • Black anodize surface

Project Highlights

The customer was ‘hogging out’ (CNC machining ) this component from a solid block of 6061 aluminum billet. Pentz was able to covert manufacture of the part from a ‘hog out’ machining process to a precision sand process and reduce part cost by over 50%.

Cost Comparison Table (Per Unit)

  Machined From Billet Sand Casting
Material 6061 535
Weight (lbs) 89 16
Material Cost $455 $20
Labor and Overhead $360 $169
Total Cost $ 815 $189

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