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Case Studies: Concert Speaker Housing (Conversion from Weldament)

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Key Design Parameters

  • Application: Concert Speaker
  • Alloy: 535
  • Dimensions: Apx 5’ H x 4’ W x 3.5’ L
  • Finish: Black Semi Gloss Paint
  • Weight : 225 Lbs.
  • Strength requirement: Tensile greater  than 35 ksi
  • Critical Dimension Tolerances: .002”.

Project Highlights

(1) Customer had originally produced this part by cutting, shaping and welding sheet metal to a tubular frame.

(2) Pentz developed special tooling capable of utilizing precision dry sand molding techniques to make the speaker as a two piece cast assembly. This eliminated the cost and headaches of the original assembly process.

(3) The result was a speaker housing with a smooth, seamless contoured surface and superior acoustic performance.




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