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Aluminum alloys have exceptional physical properties and unparalleled freedom of design. Pentz can help you get the most out of your casting design using the latest foundry techniques supported by over 30 years of casting design experience.  We will give you expert recommendations on:

  • Drawing Specifications and Tolerances
  • Guidelines for Designing Features (Walls, Ribs, Draft Angles, Fillets, Parting Lines, etc,)
  • Reducing Cost
  • Alloy Selection
  • Process Selection
  • Post casting operations (Treat, Heat Treatment, Corrosion Protection, NDT, Machining, Painting, Plating etc.)
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Prototyping

Want to know more? Read a case study about how we helped one of our customers create a fully functional cast aluminum prototype in less than 12 days using the state of the art RCT™ rapid prototyping process.

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Disclaimer: All evaluations are at the discretion of Pentz Design. Pentz makes no claim as to accuracy or effectiveness of evaluations. Results depend on the nature of evaluation. All information pertaining to evaluation is strictly confidential.

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