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Free Evaluation: Evaluate quality level of your castings or a casting problem

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quality issues with aluminum castings

Need some help diagnosing a quality issue with an aluminum casting? Castings defects such as porosity, shrink, inclusions, hot tearing can be difficult to correct. As a result they should be prevented whenever possible through good foundry control practices.  Our quality engineering staff can help you evaluate:

  • Alloy Composition using spectrographic analysis
  • Casting Integrity using Real Time X Ray analysis
  • Casting dimensional tolerances using Faro gauge
  • Defect analysis and prevention methods
Want to know more? Read a case study about how a free evaluation helped a major exercise equipment manufacturer improve the quality of their castings.

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Disclaimer: All evaluations are at the discretion of Pentz Design. Pentz makes no claim as to accuracy or effectiveness of evaluations. Results depend on the nature of evaluation. All information pertaining to evaluation is strictly confidential.

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