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If have concerns about the processes used to make your casting or simply want to explore options such as converting to another process you are in the right place.  Many times small changes in the casting process can make a big difference in surface finish, dimensional stability and structural integrity of a casting.  With over 30 years of foundry experience Pentz can help you evaluate:

  • If there are their adequate foundry/process controls in place
  • If your current casting process can be modified to improve efficiency and or yield.
  • If it would be beneficial to convert to another casting process:
    • convert from a machined hog out of billet to sand casting
    • convert from manual to automated sand casting process
    • convert from investment casting to sand casting
    • convert from sand casting to permanent mold
    • convert from die casting to sand casting
    • convert from diecast to sand cast or permanent mold

Want to know more? Read a case study about how process conversion was implemented in an IC Fabrication casting.

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Disclaimer: All evaluations are at the discretion of Pentz Design. Pentz makes no claim as to accuracy or effectiveness of evaluations. Results depend on the nature of evaluation. All information pertaining to evaluation is strictly confidential.

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