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An insert, typically made of sand, that is placed in a mold to shape the interior of the casting. Core are used when the shape cannot be formed in the pattern for a mold.

Foundry Sand for Cores (unbonded)
Sand is an aggregate material composed of tiny, loose grains of minerals and rocks which range in size from 10 mesh sieve to 250 mesh sieve or between 1/12th and 1/400th of an inch diameter. Pentz utilizes a round grain, unbonded (low clay content) silica sand as the primary ingredient to make cores. This sand produces cores with superior strength, permeability and dimensional stability. Also see Foundry Sands for Mold Making.

Core Binder(s)
The bonding agent used as an additive to core sand to impart strength in a cured state.

Core Box
The wooden, metal, or plastic tooling used to produce cores.

No Bake Process
Cores produced with the addition of catalyst. Molds or cores are left to harden/cure at ambient room temperatures.

Sodium Silicate/CO2-Bonded Core Process
In this process sand is mixed with sodium silicate (NA2SiO3) and then bonded by permeating C02 gas through the mixture. This process can be used to make dry sand molds as well as cores.

Shell Core Process
A process for forming a mold or core from resin-bonded sand mixtures brought in contact with preheated metal patterns and core boxes, resulting in a firm shell with contours corresponding to the pattern in the core box.

Automated SO2 Core Process (Sulfur Dioxide)
Automated system that utilizes dry sand mixed with resin(s) to form cores that are hardened by permeating the mixture with S02 gas. Pentz utilizes an extremely precise and highly automated Laempe SO2 core making system. The process produces high quality cores with low gas content that are easy to remove during core knockout. Learn more about Pentz Laempe core making system.

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