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Complete Cast Solutions

Casting Design and Engineering
Rapid Prototyping

- Rapid Prototyping in Plastic and Metal
Rapid Tooling and Casting
- Rapid Prototype Casting Tooling
- Rapid Prototype Castings
Production Tooling
- Precision Tooling
- Tool Transfers
First Article Validation
Production Molding Process

- Automated Green Sand Molding
- Precision Green Sand Molding
- Precision Dry Sand Molding
- Permanent Mold
- Core Making
CNC Machining
Secondary Operations and Assembly

- Cleaning and Finishing
- Value-Added Services
- Assembly
Advanced Quality Assurance
- Metal Quality Control
- Real Time X-Ray Inspection
- Manufacturing Management

Flowcharts (PDF)
- Rapid Prototype Solution
- Rapid Tooling/Casting Solution
- Production Tooling/Casting Solution
- Green Sand Molding

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- Medical
- Electronics/Telecommunications
- Marine
- Industrial/Commercial
- Aerospace
- Architectural Castings
- Semi Conductor
- Military
- Transportation

Case Studies

- Distinctive Projects
- Rapid Prototyping Tooling and Casting
- Casting Conversions
- Tooling Transfers

About Pentz

Distinctive Capabilities
Facilities Tour

- Early Project Involvement
- Design and Engineering Refinement
- Rapid Prototyping, Tooling, Casting
- Reverse Engineering
Offshore Subcontract Services
Map & Directions
What’s New
Privacy Policy

Design Process Guide

Designing in Cast Aluminum
Prototype Process Selection

- stereolithography
- Laminate Object Manufacturing
- Fused Deposition Modeling
- Computer Numerical Controlled Milling
- Process Comparisons
Molding Process Selection
- Green Sand Molding
- Automated Green Molding
- Dry Sand Molding
- Permanent Mold
- Process Comparisons
Aluminum Alloy Selection
Core Process Selection

- Automated SO2 Process
- Automated Shell Core
- No Bake Core
- CO2 Core
- Process Comparisons
Frequently Asked Questions
- Choosing a Casting Solution
- Choosing an Alloy
- Design and Production
- Services
Quick Reference Guide
- Casting Design
- Metal Processes
- Molding Processes
- Tooling
- Cores
Technical Literature

Tables (PDF)

- Aluminum Alloy Selection Guide
- Aluminum Casting: Core Comparisons
- Dimension Tolerance Tables
- Mechanical Properties
- Molding Process Comparisons
- Prototype Process Comparisons

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