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Production Molding & Core Making Processes

Production Molding ProcessPentz Cast Solutions has expertise in a wide range of molding and core making processes including:

Each of these methods offers specific advantages in quality, cost savings and speed. Contact us to evaluate which of these methods represents the best choice for your project.

Rapid Prototyping Solution Flowchart Rapid Prototyping Rapid Tooling & Casting Production Molding Production Tooling Below are the typical steps in casting operations for automated green sand molding:

  1. Tooling set up. Select the appropriate molding process and core process . Production casting processes may include automated green sand, manual green sand, dry sand, or permanent mold methods. Core processes may include SO2, shell or no bake methods.
  2. Build mold and set cores. Perform molding sand preparation.
  3. Pour certified alloy. See Aluminum Alloy Selection on choosing the appropriate alloy.
  4. Shake out mold, core knock out and degate part(s).
  5. Cleaning, including flash and parting line removal. Perform needed welding and rework.
  6. The part is now ready for post casting and secondary operations.

Review our Automated Green Sand Molding Flowchart (PDF) for a graphical presentation of the process.

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