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Production Molding & Core Making Processes

Automated Green Sand Molding

Automated green sand molding machineAutomated green sand molding uses an automated system to build and handle green sand molds.

Our new Sinto FBOII, 16"x 20" flaskless molding machine revolutionizes mold making with high productivity, versatility and quality. This system is capable of producing up to 150 molds per hour while maintaining the best “as cast” surface finish in the foundry industry. Our high tech PLCs, sand lab and skilled technicians provide the critical foundry sand system control. Tool changes can be accomplished very rapidly, typically in 1 to 3 minutes.

Rapid Prototyping Solution Flowchart Rapid Prototyping Rapid Tooling & Casting Production Molding Production Tooling Most existing customer-supplied tooling can be converted to the Sinto 16"x 20" from other molding systems. Cast aluminum match plates and pattern plates have a long tool life and can easily produce several hundred thousand to over one million parts.

Review our Automated Green Sand Molding Flowchart (PDF) for a graphical presentation of the process.

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