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Production Molding & Core Making Processes

Core Making

Casting Molding ProductionPentz Cast Solutions SO2 core-making system is very efficient and versatile.This process produces intricate cores at an extremely high rate. Vertical and horizontal parting offers flexibility in core design and is the key to maximizing core production.

Our new Automated LB25, Laempe ISOSET/SO2 core-making system is PLC-controlled and produces dense and dimensionally accurate cores using metal, urethane, or wood tooling. The equipment uses an ISOSET binder and SO2 to catalyze and prevent gas build-up in sand and consequent porosity in parts. The SO2 system produces intricately shaped cores and ease of shake out. Castings with hard to fill or thin wall sections are produced with the utmost dimensional accuracy.

View our Automated Green Sand Molding Flowchart (PDF) for a graphical presentation of the process.

Casting Molding Production
Casting Molding Production
Casting Molding Production

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