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Production Tooling

Our Production Tooling and Casting Solution is the preferred method for creating production tooling for manufacturing. We provide complete tooling design and construction from customer 3D CAD data, resulting in significant improvements in cost, accuracy and delivery time. Below are typical steps:

  1. Receive 3D CAD file.
  2. Review casting design and select the appropriate production casting and core processes. Production casting processes may include automated green sand, manual green sand, dry sand, or permanent mold methods. Core processes may include SO2, shell or no bake methods.
  3. Select the appropriate production tooling process to build the master pattern or to match the pattern plate and to build the permanent mold and core box(es). The tooling processes may include using CNC machined patterns or molds, using stereolithography (SLA), fused deposition modeling (FDM), or laminate object manufacturing (LOM) prototyping methods to build the pattern, or hand building the pattern.
  4. Build the master pattern or match the plate and coreboxes or build the permanent mold and core boxes.
  5. Qualify the part, tooling and process plan for production.
  6. Build the production parts.

Rapid Prototyping Solution Flowchart Rapid Prototyping Rapid Tooling & Casting Production Molding Production Tooling Review our Production Tooling and Casting Solution Flowchart (PDF) for a graphical presentation of the process.

Pentz makes Precision Tooling for all of our molding processes. You can also transfer tooling to Pentz: we can often increase quality and reduce your part and tooling costs by converting your tooling to a more productive and economical process while improving the quality of your parts.

CAD formats and file transmittal:
We use Solid Works CAD software and work with a variety of CAD formats including STEP, IGES, DWG, DXF, PRT and others. CAD file transfers can be made by modem, fax, 1.44 mb diskette, CD-ROM, Iomega zip and FTP transfers from customers’ sites. See CAD File Transfer for details.

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