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Production Tooling

Precision Tooling

Production Molding
Production Molding

Pentz Cast Solutions makes precision tooling for all of our molding processes:

Precision Sand Casting Tooling
CNC machined metal and plastic patterns, SLA, FDM and LOM patterns, hand built patterns, aluminum “multiple on” pattern plates, cast aluminum “multiple on” match plates and cope and drag plates

Permanent Mold Tooling
CNC machined “Dura Bar” or custom cast iron molds for tilt pour and table mounted molds

Core Making Tooling
CNC machined plastic or metal core boxes and cast metal core boxes for the production of aluminum castings

Plastic Thermal Form Tooling
Vacuum and pressure-form molds for “as cast” and CNC machined molds, including casts in SS tubing to build water-cooled molds for shorter part cycling times

Roto Mold Tooling
Small to large molds (18’ long) with fine detail cast into mold cavity

Urethane Mold Tooling
Small to large molds with fine detail cast into mold cavity.

CNC Machining Tooling
Tools and fixtures for machining castings

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