Prototype Process Comparison Chart

Molding Process Comparison Chart

Heat Treat Designations / Types

  • F:    As cast
  • O:   Annealed
  • T4:  Solution heat treated and naturally aged to a stable condition
  • T5:  Cooled from an elevated temperature shaping process and then artificially aged
  • T6:  Solution heat treated and then artificially aged
  • T7:  Solution heat treated and overaged

Heat Treat Definitions

Annealing:  Heating castings to increase ductility, which also tends to decrease strength.   
Solution Heat Treat:  Heating castings to a suitably elevated temperature and holding at that temperature long enough to allow elements to enter into a solid solution and then cooling rapidly to maintain that solid solution.   
Aging:  Precipitation of solute atoms at room temperature (natural age) or elevated temperatures (artificial age).   
Overage: Additional aging to improve dimensional stability.