Environmental Statement

Green Business Programs

Pentz Cast Solutions is committed to green business programs to reduce energy consumption, waste, air, and water pollution. Pentz is an innovative leader in eliminating or mitigating environmental impacts.

Energy Conservation

Converted lighting to LED and installation of variable speed air compressor reduced energy consumption by 60%.

Pentz utilizes energy from casting process to heat building reducing energy consumption by 90%.

Pentz alloy returns are clean and 99% recirculated back into building castings saving energy and material.

Clean Water

No industrial wastewater created here. Metal buildings are repainted utilizing water base paint to prevent zinc related storm water runoff. We use only non-toxic water base CNC machine coolants and recycle properly.

Clean Air

We melt primary ingot, or our clean foundry returns to make alloy heats. We use inert nitrogen gas with dry flux to clean all molten aluminum alloys and verify tests results before pouring. We use low or non-toxic dry sand binders and formaldehyde free coated shell core sands to limit pollutants.

Green Sand = Green Foundry

We utilize the “green sand” molding process to build green sand molded castings of superior quality. Green sand is simply recirculated every few hours to make new molds instead of being discarded, trucked out and fill up landfills. The term “green sand” refers to the fact that temper water is used to reactivate the clay in the sand to bind the sand mold just long enough to build a mold and pour aluminum to build a casting with superior finish. Green sand is recirculated, reused thousands of times, so it is very, efficient ecologically sound. Pentz manages its’ green sand system with programable controls to monitor and maintain extraordinary “as cast” surfaces of 150 RMS on castings.

Silica to Green Diamond Sand

Pentz in 2005 is one of the first foundries to research and develop alternatives to silica sand. Pentz moved to use Green Diamond sand, a high-quality fused nickel slag, a byproduct from nickel mining, with uniform expansion builds great castings with excellent “as cast” surface finish of 150 RMS. Use of fused sand greatly increases quality while reducing energy and waste.

Pentz gave a talk at the AFS American Foundry Association on the Silica sand.

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