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Pentz Design was established as an industrial design firm in 1972 in Cleveland, Ohio in a former Ford assembly plant built in 1911. Pentz renovated the former Ford assembly plant into a nonferrous foundry to make sculpture. Larry developed and finetuned foundry skills building bronze and aluminum sculptures for himself and other sculptors and large plaques with tiny letters for clients who demanded very, fine details and smooth “as cast” surface finishes. Pentz received funding, from an unlikely source, by finding, rebuilding, and selling a giant medical X-ray system left abandoned in a Case Western Reserve medical building being torn down in Cleveland.

Pentz Design Foundry moved from Cleveland to Seattle area in 1979. Pentz discovered and was discovered by medical and high-tech companies for casting engineering and building innovative aluminum castings.

In 1983 Pentz purchased the steel building framework that was a Chevrolet Dealership in Kirkland, WA built in 1964 but removed in 1968 for construction of the I-405 freeway. Pentz reengineered the steel building and rebuilt it in Duvall, WA 1984 at its’ current location. Pentz expanded to building in several steps to 1990 to the Pentz 38,000 square feet added the Sinto automated sand molding foundry system, high production melt system, CNC pattern, 5 axis CNC machining facilities. The Puget Sound area was full of high-tech and medical companies needing high quality castings and machining, so the foundry grew with great customers as did the innovation, creativity and skill sets needed to provide exceptional quality castings for demanding customers with challenging applications, and quality requirements.

1986 Pentz bought and moved the automated States Engineering Sand System from Universal Foundry and moved it from Oshkosh Wisconsin to Duvall, WA.

1995 Philips 160 KV Real Time X-Ray system with vault

1999 Sinto Automated Molding System

1999 Thermtronics Melting furnaces 4 qty. 1,500pound capacity each

1999 Laempe Core System

2000 Hall Permanent 3HXS Mold system

2005 Tinker No Bake Mixer System

CNC Machining centers 9 machines 2 horizontals 7 vertical   

Pentz Design was rebranded Pentz Cast Solutions

About Larry Pentz

Larry Pentz was 13 when introduced to metal shop classes, in school, and became fascinated by the amazing versatility of the sand molding process. First project Larry, designed a wood lathe, built patterns, made sand molds, built sand castings in aluminum, and machined them to build a working wood lathe. Studied commercial art at Memorial Technical a Vocational HS, Studied Industrial Design & Sculpture at the Cleveland Institute of Art 1969 to 1973 BFA program. Kent State university MFA Program Sculpture 1977-78.

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