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Green Sand Molding Machines

Machine Precision Green Sand Molding

The term “green sand” refers to the fact that temper water is used to activate the clay in the sand to bind the sand in the mold just long enough to build a mold and pour aluminum. This process builds a casting with a superior finish. Pentz Cast Solutions’ team of highly skilled engineers can manually green sand molds to produce the absolute best “as cast” finishes in the industry. Our skilled technicians leverage their unmatched experience with our programmable controls to create extraordinary smooth, detailed castings with a .150 RMS finish. Manual green sand molding allows us to create simple moldings at lower costs than automatic green sand molding processes. We also offer a full selection of casting treating and aftermarket services from light assembly to Kanban to NDT Real Time X-Ray to save you time during your molding production process.

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Manual vs. Automated Green Sand Molding

It is important to consider the benefits of manual and automated green sand molding processes to ensure your castings are of the highest quality and meet your application requirements. Manual green sand casting has lower set-up costs than traditional casting methods. Manual castings also provides more versatility, as castings can be made from plastic, wood and even reclaimed material. Manual green sand castings allow you to produce very small or very large casting parts.

Manual Operated Green Sand Mold Industries Served

We have experience providing green sand castings for a variety of applications and are always excited to work with new industries to create prototypes for low to high-volume production. Some industries we’ve worked with in the past include but are not limited to:

Green Sand Molding Machines & Materials Used

Green sand is recirculated and is used thousands of times, so it is very ecologically sound and efficient. We can work with multiple materials, and we specialize in 535 AlMag, A356 alloy, 357 alloy, 206 alloy, Alcoa 351 SuperaCast and Alcoa A354 VersaCast. Our selection of green sand molding machines includes:

  • Osborn 3161
  • Osborn 3191

Green Sand Molding For Precision Components

We can create “As cast” .150 rms finishes with intricate detail, complex geometries and cored interior cavities. We collaborate directly with customers to create Highly engineered hybrid solutions to meet your needs. Popular components include:

  • Insert Castings
  • Marine Components
  • Pump Components
  • Body Castings
  • Couplings
  • Cylinders
  • Gears
  • Fan Blade Hubs
  • Base Housings
  • Manifolds
  • Suspensions

Why Choose Pentz For Green Sand Moldings

At Pentz, we utilize a collaborative approach in which we work directly with customers in order to engineer and build CNC machined components based on your exact specifications. We leverage our industry expertise and innovative machinery to create quality castings under tight turnaround times. We can take a casting from prototype to production in-house, ensuring detailed quality control on all casting products. View our full suite of Casting Manufacturing & CNC Machining Capabilities and Engineering Services for more information. 

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