Molding Process Selection

Pentz uses a range of molding processes to suit different jobs. Some of the more common ones are described in this section, with a Process Comparison Chart that compares the benefits, characteristics and cost rangers of the different processes.

Read the Quick Reference Guide for a comparison of various molding processes. For more help deciding which molding process is right for your job, please contact our casting engineers.

Note: Each section contains information about specific subjects or terms as they apply to Pentz Cast Solutions. The Guide is as accurate as possible; however, all material is provided without warranty of any kind.

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At Pentz, we utilize a collaborative approach in which we work directly with customers in order to engineer and build CNC machined components based on your exact specifications. We leverage our industry expertise and innovative machinery to create quality castings under tight turnaround times. We can take a casting from prototype to production in-house, ensuring detailed quality control on all casting products.

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