Permanent Mold Casting Services

The permanent utilize mold casting process involves pouring molten metals into reusable or permanent steel molds to mass produce castings and molded components for a variety of industries. Pentz Cast Solutions utilizes our Hall 3HXS PLC controlled permanent mold system and Sinto automated molding system to build higher quality castings for your application requirements. Our molds are a cost-effective replication method for creating high volume moldings of steel, aluminum and other high grade metals. Additionally, our skilled engineers and in-house prototyping capabilities allow us to build prototypes and production parts to your exact specification. As an ITAR-Registered manufacturer of precision PM castings, we take pride in creating high-performance castings designed to exceed our customers’ expectations. 

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Permanent Mold Advantages

Permanent mold casting offers several unique advantages that can’t be matched by traditional sand casting and die castings. Permanent mold casting provides a reusable mold that allows you to mass manufacture multiple non-ferrous metal components. Specific advantages of permanent mold castings include:

  • Improved Strength
  • Large Components & Castings
  • Good Surface Finish
  • Dimensional precision
  • Low Cost

Pentz Permanent Mold Casting Process & Machinery

We can build prototypes and then build production parts using the Sinto automated molding system to launch products for mass quantities. After the product is fully proven, we build permanent mold tooling and high quantities of units and retain the automated molding process as a strong backup.

We utilize the Hall 3HXS PLC controlled permanent mold system to build higher quantity castings. We utilize prototyping and cast samples to develop and improve the prototype design before committing to hard production tooling. All alloys are Spectro chemically tested, rotary degassed, flux injected and specific gravity tested before pouring alloy. Test bars Stahl mold.

Learn more about our precision molding processes by reading the benefits of each molding process below or visit our molding Job Flow Diagram.

Permanent Molding Casting Examples

Permanent mold casting components can be filled to meet a variety of component requirements, including parts of different sizes and tolerances for industries requiring pressure tight, structural castings. Example components include but are not limited to:

  • Insert Castings
  • Body Castings
  • Cylinders
  • Marine Components
  • Couplings
  • Fan Blade Hubs
  • Gears
  • Base Housings
  • Manifolds
  • Suspensions

Aluminum Casting Materials Used

While we specialize in aluminum castings, our unique CNC machining offers numerical controlled machining capabilities that enable us to form accurate, complex parts from several materials. We’ve created castings in low to high volume production for plastic, hard wood and pattern pine. Our most popular selection of aluminum grades includes:

Benefits of Permanent Mold Castings

Whereas permanent mold casting recycles the same mold, sand casting forms a new cavity in the sand mold every cycle. Permanent molding is generally used for larger castings or castings with annual quantity requirements of 5,000 to or more EAU. As opposed to die casting, precision molding allows metal to flow into a cavity from the bottom or side. Die casting utilizes pressure to force metal into a cavity, and is therefore ideal for creating components with little post-machining requirements.

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