Permanent Molding

We utilize the Hall 3HXS PLC controlled permanent mold system to build higher quantity castings.

Permanent Mold process is a great choice for high quantities of casting after the design geometry is proven by utilizing prototyping and cast samples to develop and improves design before committing to hard production tooling.

We can build prototypes then build production parts using the Sinto automated molding system to launch products for mass quantities of production. Then after product is fully proven build permanent mold tooling and high quantities of units and retain the automated molding process as a strong backup.

Permanent Mold is generally used for larger castings or castings with annual quantity requirements of 5,000 to or more EAU.

All alloys are Spectro chemically tested, rotary degassed, flux injected, specific gravity tested before pouring alloy. Test bars Stahl mold.