Precision Molding

Precision green sand molding starts with precise control over the sand used for molding.

Molding process comparison

Pentz Cast Solutions trademark is its’ fine “as cast” surface finish, accurate and detailed.

Highly skilled artisans carefully build precision green sand molds at Pentz Cast Solutions to produce the absolute best “as cast” finishes in the industry. Extraordinary smooth detailed castings with a .150 RMS finish are achieved by skilled technicians and a green sand mold system utilizing programable controls to manage system sand and  is recirculated and reused every few hours.

The term “green sand”  refers to the fact that temper water is used to activate the clay in the sand to bind the sand in the mold just long enough to build a mold and pour aluminum to build a casting with superior finish. Green sand is recirculated and is used thousands of times, so it is very ecologically sound and very efficient