Casting Prototype Process

Taking a casting from design to prototype is an essential step prior to starting high-volume casting production or manufacturing processes. At Pentz Cast Solutions, our engineers work with you at every step in order develop a casting capable of meeting your requirements and ensure the manufacturability of your casting design. We utilize our advanced CNC machinery and expertise to decide which casting prototype process is optimal for your design. Our experienced engineers can recommend design modifications to reduce costs and improve the quality and functionality of the casting. We are an ITAR-Registered company with experience creating castings from several grades of aluminum and additional material for almost any industrial application.

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Pentz Casting Selection Process

While Pentz is geared toward assisting you in rapid prototype development, we take pride in collaborating directly with customers to create high-quality castings to exceed your expectations. We then identify the best process and tooling to build parts and castings using our Aluminum Casting Prototype Process Comparison Chart. We utilize the latest in computer aided design (CAD), computer aided manufacturing  (CAM) , and Rapid Casting Technology (ProMetal RCT™), to create fully functional cast aluminum prototypes in a matter of days or even hours. 

Casting Prototype Process Options

  • Rapid Tooling / Casting
  • SLA (Stereolithography)
  • LOM (Laminate Object Manufacturing)
  • FDM (Fuse Deposition Modeling)
  • CNC Machined Tooling
  • Reverse Engineering & More


Many castings start as prototypes, and Pentz’s ability to produce “real castings real fast” enhances the sales and marketing of new products more quickly and effectively than standard casting methods.

Questions To Ask Prior to Creating a Casting Prototype

Before selecting a tooling process, it is important to consider a number of variables that will impact the casting process, production time and overall cost. Material, casting quantity, design and value added capabilities will all determine the optimal casting manufacturing process. Contact a Pentz Expert and let us start working to decide casting process that’s right for your industry.

Aluminum CNC Casting Prototypes

While we specialize in aluminum castings, our unique CNC machining offers numerical controlled machining capabilities that enables us to form accurate, complex parts from a variety of materials. We’ve created castings in low to high volume production for plastic, hard wood and pattern pine. Our most popular selection of aluminum grades includes:

Why Choose Pentz For Casting Prototypes

Our extensive engineering and manufacturing services allow us to control the entire casting prototyping process, from CAD to testing. This means that we are already familiar with the castings by the time it reaches the CNC machining phase and can inspect for quality at every step. Our Dual Path and Triple path processes allow us to hog out aluminum prototypes and casting simultaneously for high volume, low-cost production. Building cast parts and CNC machining can and is often accomplished simultaneously to drastically shorten deliveries for proto parts as well as high production parts. Each casting is finished, checked, proven and approved prior to mass production.

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