Keyence XM Series CMM Inspection Tool Being Used For Quality Assurance

Pentz Cast Solutions' Product Inspection System

Quality Assurance & Control

Committed to delivering excellence and welcoming challenges, expert technicians at Pentz Cast Solutions design and engineer high-quality castings for various applications across industries. To ensure the standards of our capabilities and manufacturing, we employ state-of-the-art machinery and stringent quality control practices that guarantee your casting meets requirements. Understand our quality inspection and assurance processes.

Capabilities for Quality Inspection

With a suite of high-technology inspection and testing machines, we conduct several quality control practices to ensure the integrity and standards of our castings. We offer quality assurance capabilities for:

  • Pre-Production Material Testing
  • Dimensional Inspection
  • Visual Inspection
  • Nondestructive Testing
  • Sand Testing Laboratory

Our quality inspection tests certify the standards and requirements of the casting. In pre-production material testing, we use the latest machinery to determine whether the chosen material composition is within the necessary range for casting production. Pentz Cast Solutions also operates a complete sand testing laboratory for added quality assurance in core and mold making.

Prioritizing nondestructive testing methods, we utilize inspection methods, including ultrasounds, X-ray testing, pressure testing, and liquid dye penetrants, to assess the quality of a casting. These processes check for leaks, defects, and imperfections that may compromise the performance of the casting. We also conduct dimensional testing with coordinate measuring machine capabilities, as well as visual tests, to ensure the product meets the requirements for its operation and does not feature visual irregularities. Our company registrations support our assurance practices.

Registrations & Certifications

Verifying the production of our castings, Pentz Cast Solutions is an ITAR-registered company. Our manufacturing processes comply with the requirements of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations regarding the transmissions of items or technical data that have been designed, developed, adapted, or modified for military use under the United States Munitions List.

Why is Quality Control Important?

Even with a highly repeatable manufacturing process, castings can experience production defects and irregularities. Comprehensive quality inspection evaluates the characteristics of a product, checking castings for structural and visual defects. Castings can encounter possible imperfections at multiple points in the manufacturing process, resulting in surface irregularities, inclusions, molding and pouring, and cooling deformities.

Quality control assesses casting products, materials, and assemblies to ensure they meet the requirements of your project. Pentz Cast Solutions’ expert engineers perform quality inspections using state-of-the-art technology, guaranteeing we only deliver castings of the highest quality.

Quality-Assured Casting Manufacturing from Prototype to Production at Pentz Cast

Working with you, we can produce high-quality castings from prototypes through tooling and production to meet the requirements of your operation. Our expert technicians identify your design goals to engineer a custom solution with the necessary specifications. With years of experience and a highly collaborative approach, our castings create specialized solutions for industrial applications. We manufacture custom castings and machine them with precision CNC capabilities to produce complete components to your specifications. Choosing Pentz Cast Solutions for your custom casting components means choosing quality.

Discover Premium Casting Products with Strict Quality Assurance & Control Processes

At Pentz Cast Solutions, we strive to deliver high-quality casted products that meet design and operational requirements. With custom engineering, efficient production, quality control, and precision machining, we are confident we can create the components you need to your exact specifications. Visit our FAQ to learn more, contact us with your questions, or request a quote to get started.