Why Great Clients Choose Pentz Cast Solutions

We support our customers from first inquiry thru delivery of your production requirements

Pentz Expertise and Synergy: Our expert engineers thrive on challenging casting projects where we engineer innovative cast solutions to solve even the seemly impossible.

Projects start with listening to the customer to identify specific design goals and explore what is truly needed to fulfill the requirements for CAD engineering, prototype, cast samples, tooling process exploration, quantities, molding process selection and value, added possibilities.

Our engineering team walk customers through every phase of your product, CAD design, cast prototypes, tooling to complete manufacturing to yield the best casting results quickly and efficiently.

Metrology & Reverse Engineering:  We use CMM, Laser Scans (exterior) and CT Scans (interior) to verify tooling, parts, and reverse engineering solutions.

Casting engineering CAD development, prototype to automated green sand mold high production sand castings, dry sand, permanent mold with tooling design engineering CAD, CNC, CAM 5 axis machining, complete manufacturing production and assembly.

Why Castings: Our customengineeredhigh integrityaluminum castings consistently outperform welded fabricated assemblies and CNC machined billet parts, enhancing design flexibility, mechanical performance, dimensional accuracy, weight reduction, aesthetics, and cost savings.

Automated Precision Sand Molding: Automated programable controlled precision green sand molding system enables, prototype, low production, and high production to near net shape aluminum castings to be built on time, on quality, efficiently using ecologically sound processes.

150 RMS “as cast” extraordinary finish: Pentz automated and machine molded green sand castings have such extraordinary “as cast” 150 rms surface finishes that “O- Ring” grooves on high production parts are cast without secondary machining time and reducing cost.

Thin wall and thick section simultaneously: Precision green sand cast aluminum process allows design flexibility to build various casting wall thicknesses 10” and thin wallsdown to .160” simultaneously depending on size and geometry.

Casting design flexibility: Pentz Cast Solutions green sand and dry sand process are very flexible to build virtually any size parts with complex geometry and intricate coring.

Cast in inserts: We build castings with cast in inserts including, complex stainless-steel tube assemblies, large stainless-steel parts, pre-machined steel parts or even die-castings containing machined steel inserts into our aluminum castings.

Quick turn Prototype castings & tooling: CAD engineered casting prototype or low production tooling CNC machined in wood or plastic medium.

Production tooling: Innovative production casting tooling is CAD engineered and CNC machined to create metal for unlimited life or durable plastic tooling for long life. Pentz builds custom production tooling for customers and other foundries building iron, bronze, or other cast metals.

Clean metal: Pentz processes aluminum alloys, rotary degassed, flux injected, chemical analysis and specific gravity tested before pouring castings to achieve, pressure tight, oil tight, vacuum tight parts, that can be anodized or polished.

Real Time X-Ray: Casting quality andfoundry control processes are quickly established, verified, and adjusted as required utilizing in-house real time x-ray.

These Pentz Cast Solutions capabilities combined with exceptional customer service and communication have earned Pentz a reputation for customer satisfaction with great, product designers, engineers, purchasing managers, CNC machine shops, contract manufacturers and OEMs internationally.

ITAR Registration: Pentz is ITAR registered

AS9100 compliant: AS9100 Certification is pending.


Pentz works with great clients. Why Great Clients choose Pentz Cast Solutions:

Expertise, Innovation, built in USA, Dedication, Quality, Trust

At Pentz, we utilize a collaborative approach in which we work directly with customers in order to engineer and build CNC machined components based on your exact specifications. We leverage our industry expertise and innovative machinery to create quality castings under tight turnaround times. We can take a casting from prototype to production in-house, ensuring detailed quality control on all casting products.

View our full sweet of Casting Manufacturing & CNC Machining Capabilities and Engineering Services or Contact a Pentz Expert and we can get started finding the right casting process to meet your requirements.

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