Casting Development Solutions

Pentz Offers Casting Development From Prototyping to Production

At Pentz, casting development starts with listening to the customer to identify specific design goals and explore what is truly needed to fulfill the requirements. We take into consideration every aspect of the casting process:


  • Materials selection
  • CAD engineering
  • Prototype
  • Cast samples
  • Tooling process exploration
  • Quantities
  • Molding process selection
  • Value added possibilities
  • Quality Control


We want to be sure that castings exceed custom expectations, and have the CNC machining capabilities, innovative CAD software and ITAR-registered tooling processes to provide high-performance castings for almost any industry. Our in-house capabilities enable us to perform multiple steps simultaneously in order to create castings faster than our competitors.

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Initial Casting Development & CAD Design

The right casting process for your project is based on the size, complexity, alloy, physical properties required, quantities required / anticipated, schedule, and if the casting design is fixed or still developing. Pentz Cast Solution engineers will guide you through each phase of your project in alignment with our job flow diagram. Our Dual Path and Triple path processes allow us to hog out aluminum prototypes and casting simultaneously for high volume, low-cost production. During the early casting development process, we explore the advantages of different engineering approaches based on customer input.

We then use CAD engineering to create a completely customized initial design and review it with the customer for input and approval.

Prototyping Development Machining & CAD Engineering

We identify the best prototype process, taking project goals, quantities, and timeline into consideration. We then utilize our CAD engineering, 3D printing capabilities, CNC machining and rapid tooling to create fully functioning castings for project testing. Prototypes are then inspected for improvements and fine tuning, with adjustments made as needed.

Casting Development Finalization

The final stages of casting development involve utilizing Laser Scanning or CT X-ray Scanning for flaws, with heat treatment capabilities and value added services available for improved casting quality. Final stages include:

  • Build improved modified castings for customer acceptance.
  • Identify best casting process for production.
  • Engineer in CAD design production tooling.
  • The approved tooling is built by CNC machining casting tooling

Casting Development for Multiple Industries

We have experience providing molds and components for a variety of applications and are always eager to create unique molds for low and high-volume production. Some frequent industries served include:


Why Choose Pentz Cast Solutions?

Pentz Cast Solutions has been a trusted leader in casting innovation solutions since 1972. Our expert prototyping team has experience working with OEMs to create complex and mission-critical components to meet the most stringent application requirements. The Pentz team takes several important factors into consideration prior to creating a casting for your needs, including but not limited to: Quality, Lead Time Constraints, Economics/Costs, Functional Requirements for Design and Industry and Government Standards. Our ITAR-registered quality assurance and inspection procedures ensure high-quality castings that meet your needs.

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